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Affilbox is a SAAS module, where e-shops or any subject selling goods or services can manage an unlimited number of affiliate partners who promote their products on their website. This is a commission based software and management is fully in their hands. Affilbox is not affiliate network.

Affilbox integration

  1. Sign in to your affilboard account
  2. Go to the Settings and User Settings section
  3. Below your account form, you will find 3 columns – Affili ID, API key, and Affil link
    • Affil ID – fill in Affil ID code
    • API key – fill in API key
    • Affil link – fill in the affiliate URL of the program (without ?a_box=yourcode)
  4. Click on Save button and wait when your conversion loads automatically


Affilbox link example ?a_box=yourcode

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